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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Container storage - what size container do I need?

Your container size will vary based on the capacity you require. A range of size and capacity is given below that can help you determine the container size.

6ft8ft8ft 6inch5.42m3
8ft8ft8ft 6inch9.95m3
10ft8ft8ft 6inch15.9m3
20ft8ft8ft 6inch33.9m3
40ft8ft8ft 6inch67.7m3
Q. What about condensation issues?

Improved ventilation system and proper insulation play an important role in preventing condensation. Alongside, using the right pallets can deal with the issue created due to condensation. If you are still concerned, talk to our team about using drying agents such as desiccants and dehumidifiers.

Q. Is it more cost effective to purchase or to hire a container?

This depends on the individual client’s business requirement. If your business needs a container regularly, then you may go for purchasing. But, if you need it weekly, then hiring would be a better choice as the purchase would mean added maintenance cost.

Q. How quickly can I get a container delivered?

Your container is delivered timely within the delivery schedule. With state of the art GPS, you can track its location.

Q. Do I need council permission?

Regulations vary based on the area. We recommend that you contact your local council before hiring a container.

Q. Where do I position my container and how do I prepare my site?

Customers are responsible for site condition and access. Flat ground is required with adequate space to pick and load containers from the side.

Q. Can I have a collection or delivery at the weekend or outside regular working hours?

We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Give us a call, and we will be there on the scheduled time whether it is a weekend or outside regular working hours.

Q. Do you offer insurance?

No, according to the legislation we are prohibited from offering insurance. The container along with its content is the responsibility of the hirer.