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Reasons Why You Should Use a Sideloader Trailer

A side lifter truck semi-trailer is a semi-trailer specialised for lifting and transporting standard containers over long distances. Also known as container side loader; basically, this type of trailer is used to transfer containers. Below we will introduce the container truck's working principle and operating instructions.

So what exactly is a side loader trailer?

Sideloaders, also known as Sidelifters or Self-Strawling Trailers, provides a flexible and economical way to load, transport and unload containers and other goods. The driver can operate it using the controls on the side of the trailer or the remote control. Easily mounted on a truck or trailer, the Sideloader can work with minimal manpower and without needing additional equipment, minimizing wait times, scheduling and enabling seamless service delivery. A Sideloader consists of a side-loading crane combined with a trailer or truck.

There are four basic operations for a wheel loader:

  • Lifting from/to the ground
  • Transferring from/to another chassis or railcar
  • Stacking containers
  • Transporting by road with a total practice time of 2-4 minutes

Benefits of Using of using side lifter transport in business-

Sildelifter or self-loading trailers provide a versatile and efficient method for unloading, transporting and loading various goods, including containers and more. This allows a business to gain new revenue, new customers and new business in a market where the continued increase in container handling seems never to stop.

The sideloader, mounted on a trailer or truck, can operate without additional equipment and with a minimal workforce. This makes it possible to provide a competitive and consistent service and minimise planning and waiting times. Let’s get into all the commercial advantages of using sideloader container transport in detail.


Single side loaders, capable of lifting a wide range of goods, are an economical alternative to specialised cranes and lifting systems. The lifting capacity of the loader is comparable to that of a 100-120 ton m crane, which speaks volumes for the level of performance it can deliver. Low ground pressure makes the truck more suitable for rough terrain, and the low operating altitude makes it less susceptible to the weather. 

As a result, trucking companies using wheel loaders are becoming more and more popular with their customers. In times of economic crisis, the load is often the last unit standing still; that is, there is always demand.

Minimised need for extra labour and equipment:

Nowadays, side loading trailers are equipped with outriggers and integrated cranes, allowing a single driver to load containers in minutes. However, traditional vehicles still require additional equipment to secure and safely transport goods. With forklifts, you reduce costs and eliminate other handling equipment, including warehouse trailers and trolleys, pallet jacks and forklifts. Instead, your delivery can get there quickly.

In addition, container transport networks are well connected and offer a wide range of shipping options. Container ships are also shorter than conventional cargo ships and provide an allowable call frequency at a constant speed.

Minimal labour costs:

Sideloader trailers are particularly well suited for container handling and delivery due to their integration - their trailers have built-in cranes and cranes that allow them to load or unload a container of goods safely in a few minutes. In addition, the process is largely automated and requires very little labour or human supervision. As a result, sidelifter shipping can significantly reduce labour costs that would otherwise cost workers to unload your delivered containers manually.

Competitive advantage:

A sidelifter transporting system enables you to perform your job safely and efficiently and allows a new form of service that can’t be provided by a truck and trailer. You can load/unload anywhere, anytime from the ground or other trailers/trucks/wagons, without disturbing the customer or having to use third-party equipment.

Faster turn around:

Sideloading trucks make it possible to quickly load and unload containers whenever and wherever you want. The total run time is 2-4 minutes, and the rider can move on to the next task. Minimising wait times means greater efficiency and opportunities to increase container throughput. That's why vendors and suppliers using side loaders are becoming more and more popular with customers. In addition, during economic downturns, the side-load trailer is often the last unit standing still.

Faster Delivery:

When you need to load and unload goods quickly, you need to use a sideloading trailer. Its automatic mechanism requires only 2 to 5 minutes of operation and allows the driver to move swiftly to the next delivery. It's perfect for reducing downtime caused by lengthy loading and unloading processes.

A side loader container transport also allows you to do your job safely and efficiently and enables a new form of service that trucks and trailers cannot provide. You can load/unload anywhere, anytime from the ground or other trailers/trucks/wagons without disturbing customers or having to use third-party equipment.

More Economical:

You can consider renting or purchasing an extra excavator as an additional cost for transporting your container. However, the alternative is to use warehouse and site staff. This space may not include the charging dock charge and may not be used if a traditional charger is used. Instead, you can save hours of loading and unloading your containers on each shipping route by avoiding downtime and saving vast sums of money by adding staff and training.

Depending on your usage, renting a container truck from an experienced trucking company can be more economical and accessible than buying one because you don't have to worry about maintenance.

Maintaining the services of a professional side loader transport company also benefits you from all of the company's experience and specialised equipment. In addition, it ensures that your packages will be delivered on time. As a result, it can be significantly cheaper and more accessible than maintaining your fleet of vehicles, so you don't have to incur the costs of buying trucks and trailers to use for yourself.

Final Words-

A business does not always need expensive lifting equipment such as cranes to load and unload containers. However, if a load lifter is unavailable, you will need a stacker, container handler, crane or forklift to load the trailer.

A single operator can load and unload goods, which means less staffing costs and fewer waiting times. In addition, the crate can be left in a convenient place for the customer when packing or unpacking; this can sometimes eliminate the need for forklifts and pallet jacks.

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